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Parker Utility Department Operating Policies


 1. A $40.00 re-connection fee is billed to the customer's account when the Shutoff list leaves this office; after this payment must be paid in FULL . Shut off day is usually the 7th of the month unless it falls on a Friday or on a weekend. 


2. Accounts will be prorated on a daily basis for the first and last month's bill. 


3. One grace day will be allowed in the event the 28th is an observed City holiday or when the office is normally closed. 


4. Any payment received by mail and bearing a postmark later than the 28th of the month will be charged the penalty provision of 15%. 


5. If a customer notifies us of an outside broken line, and we can verify it, we will adjust sewer charges. We also will adjust sewer in the case of installation of a new pool or for draining an existing pool for repairs upon verification of an empty pool and city personnel getting the beginning and ending readings. Customers may receive only one sewer adjustment per year for pools. 


6. We will turn on water for property management companies over the phones if we have a standing deposit on hand over the phone. 


7. Refunds are usually done weekly with the exception of billing week. 


8. There is a $20.00 charge for returned checks or 5% of the face amount, whichever is higher. 


9. Bills are sent usually between the 9th - 10th of the month and due by the 28th of the month. Payment can be made by cash, check or money order in the office, by mail or there is a drop box located in front of the utility department. Credit cards are accepted in the office or over the phone at 1-844-323-4112 or go to  You will need your account number and pin number as shown on your utility bill.  On the website, search by the City of Parker, search then by the address, and then click on the appropriate name to continue with the payment.


10. If a work order has been completed and the customer calls in to request a different date for disconnect a $10.00 service fee must be paid prior to reconnection. 


11. There will be a $25.00 transfer fee if moving within the city.



Monthly water charges


$10.49 Base rate per unit 

+$5.25 per thousand gallons  used 

10% Utility tax on water only

(We read thousands only for billing purposes)  



Monthly sewer charges 


$27.88 base rate per unit 

+ $8.83 per thousand used 




$14.50 per unit on residential only.

Trash/Debris is picked up weekly.



Household Garbage


Garbage must be picked up by a private hauler;

the City does not pick-up house hold garbage.  

Authorized garbage haulers for the City of Parker are:


Waste Management (850)-874-1019      Bargain Sanitation (850) 871-0016


 Nates Sanitation (850) 769-4304              Coqui Disposal (850) 257-5939


Waste Pro (850) 872-1800                             Mr. Trash (850) 249-3382




Total Residential Deposit 


$200.00 (water-$53.00 sewer-$120.00 tip fee $27.00) 


Account Set up fee = $25.00 


Water tap (5/8"): $640.00/per unit

Water Impact fee: $500.00/per unit

Backflow (5/8"): $55.00/per unit

Sewer tap: $500.00/per unit

Sewer impact fee: $1,400.00/per unit


NOTE: The $1.00 park contribution seen on your bill is voluntary. All contributions are appreciated. 



Hydrant meter policy


$650.00 refundable deposit

$25.00 connection fee Billed 

$10.49 base rate + $5.25 per th + tax 



Irrigation meter


Water tap (5/8"): $640.00 

Water Impact: $500.00

Account set-up fee: $25.00 

Deposit: $85.00 



County impact fee


The County also charges an impact fee on any new service according to the number of fixtures . They also charge an impact fee on an irrigation meter. You will be required to furnish a schematic to the County showing square footage to be watered. If you have any questions call the County at 248-8350.



Development orders 


When adding a storage building/ shed, interior and/ or exterior remodeling you must first obtain a development order/building permit. Call 850-871-4949 for info. 



Other Leak Tips


Check your toilet tank at least twice a year.


Turn the water off; don't let it run when you wash, brush your teeth, shave or wash your car. 


Take shorter showers or a bath.


Run full loads of dishes and clothes.


Be smart, fix leaks.



Water Costs Money! Don't waste it thru leaks 


Utility Measuring Image 


The toilet is the number one cause of wasted water. Be observant to toilets hanging up or occasionally filling up. The cost to install a new flapper valve is a lot cheaper than paying for the wasted water and sewer.







Contact Information



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1001 West Park Street

Parker, FL 32404


(844) 323-4112 Utilities

(850) 871-4104 City Hall


7:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Mon-Fri











I cannot thank the fine men and women of the Parker Police and Fire Departments for their outstanding work - well done!

~ Lawrence & Lauren Arnold, City of Parker


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The City of Parker supports Equal Housing and Equal Employment Opportunities. The City of Parker is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, marital status, national origin, age, disability or citizenship.

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