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Adopt a Drain!


May 4, 2022


“Adopt a Drain” ~ Clear the drain before the rain ??
This is an opportunity for public outreach and participation to meet requirements by (NPDES) National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System..

Join other volunteers in our great city and adopt a drain today.
Leaves and trash in storm drains can clog the grates and lead to flooding.

A little volunteer effort goes a long way in helping Public Works maintain the many storm drains throughout the city. This helps reduce flooding and prevent pollution of our waterways.

Just find a drain or drains near your home or work and call Parker Public Works at 850-871-4283 to sign up for adopt a drain. Keep a watchful eye for signs of your drain needing special attention.

The city may loan debris bags, rakes, pickup sticks, safety vest and gloves for storm drain maintenance should you desire. After you have cleared the debris – once notified, we will schedule a pick-up.

 (OR) You may call and report the drain and a work order will be created.

Parker Public Works will keep monthly data reports stating number of volunteers, locations, number of volunteer hours and amount of debris removed.

By helping to keep storm drains clear, you decrease flooding from storms, protect water quality and keep trash from storm drains and connected water bodies.

The City of Parker appreciates your time and effort to help keep storm drains free of debris  


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The Police and Fire Departments have been very helpful in responding to my calls over and over to help with my husband who was becoming more prone to falling in the last month. Thank you for you and your entire staff sincerely!

~ Cheryl Fallon, City of Parker


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