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City Code of Ordinances


The City of Parker's laws are called The Code of Ordinances. These are maintained by Municipal Code Corporation and are found by clicking this link: City of Parker Ordinances 


Ordinances passed by the Council not yet rolled into the offcial code are listed below.


Bullet ListOrdinance No. 2019-383 :: Comp Plan Amendment

Bullet ListOrdinance No. 2019-385 :: Utility Billing Dates

Bullet ListOrdinance No. 2017-380 :: Comp Plan Amendment

Bullet ListOrdinance No. 2019-382 :: Purchasing

Bullet ListOrdinance No. 2019-384 :: Mobile Homes

Bullet ListOrdinance No. 2019-385 :: Utility Billing Dates






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1001 West Park Street

Parker, FL 32404


(850)871-4949 Utilities

(850)871-4104 City Hall


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The Police and Fire Departments have been very helpful in responding to my calls over and over to help with my husband who was becoming more prone to falling in the last month. Thank you for you and your entire staff sincerely!

~ Cheryl Fallon, City of Parker


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The City of Parker supports Equal Housing and Equal Employment Opportunities. The City of Parker is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, marital status, national origin, age, disability or citizenship.

(For contacts on these and other issues see our Departments page.)