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July 11, 2017


Parker Wastewater System Improvements Project


What:  The City of Parker’s Wastewater System Improvements Project will replace and improve the sewer force mains along Tyndall Parkway and rehabilitate two lift stations.  

Why:  The work needs to be done because this vital infrastructure is old and this is the first major work in 33 years.  Sewer issues aren’t very exciting to most folks, but keeping our sewers in good working order is one of the most important services your City provides.

When:  The work begins very soon, on July 9, 2017.  Work will be ongoing, probably daily, Monday through Friday, and must be completed by January 2018.

Where:  The middle (median) and west side of Tyndall Parkway, from the Dupont (Tyndall) Bridge to the intersection, or “Y”, of East Business 98 and Tyndall Parkway.  Work will start near the bridge, on East Cooper Drive, and will encompass the force mains and other piping up Tyndall Parkway to Thornton Lane and the “Y”.  

How does this affect you?  1) There may some disruption in regular traffic flow, but detours will be provided, if needed, although this is not expected.  2) You may have a disruption in water service when the workers are in your area.  This is always frustrating, and the work team will be doing everything possible to keep disruption to a minimum. As work moves into your area, we will notify you with a door-hanger.  3) It’s possible that as the team works in the median, fiber optic service could be disrupted.  We have a communication plan in place with the fiber optic providers so if there is a line “cut”, it can be reported immediately and repaired as soon as possible.  4) The approximately $1.1 million project is being financed through a very low-interest, State of Florida loan, and $300,000 of the loan will be forgiven upon completion.

Questions or concerns?  Please contact our Public Works Administrator at (850) 871-4283 or  









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Officer Midyette responded with the exact level of authority and compassion.... It is obvious that Officer Midyette is committed to serving the community with integrity, respect, accountability and teamwork!

~ Elder Jim Roncaglione, Agape Presbyterian Church, City of Parker



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