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April 12, 2017




Regardless of the candidates for this year’s election, on April 18th, there will be a referendum on the ballot.  Why?  Because our City Charter is outdated in several areas and one of those areas is Elections.


The referendum will ask: Shall the City of Parker amend its Charter to provide that a candidate for City Council declare which seat, each of which represents the entire City, he or she is running for?

The charter change is only to have candidates, at the time they qualify to run for office, declare which seat he or she wants to run for (Seat 1 or 3, or 2 or 4).  It would NOT change our system of election to require candidates to run only for a district or ward (like Panama City).  Our system is that each candidate runs at-large, or city-wide, and represents all the residents of Parker (like Lynn Haven) and that will not change, regardless of the outcome of the referendum


          Modern election systems provide for candidates to run for one named seat, such as “State Representative, District 71”. Our current system allows all candidates to run for two seats, without designating which seat they wantThe Bay County Supervisor of Elections Office has suggested for several years that our manner of elections needs to be changed to align our elections with the intent of the current state law.  It appears that there is a lot of confusion under the current system of “choose 2”  since Parker has had a very high number of under-votes for Council seats over the past 10 years, one election having more than 400 under-votes (where voters did not “choose 2” candidates). The electors actually diluted their own voting power.  No other local government in our area has had such a large under-vote problem.     

The purpose of this referendum is to reduce confusion and help eliminate under-votes.                           Please exercise your right to vote!


EARLY VOTING: April 10th - April 14th 8:00 am-5:00 pm


Lynn Haven City Hall Annex       Supervisor of Elections  

108 E 9TH St                                                  830 W 11th St 
Lynn Haven, FL 32444                                 Panama City, FL 32401 


MUNICIPAL SUPER TUESDAY: April 18, 2017 7:00 am– 7:00 pm 

All Parker registered voters.

Parker Community Center

935 West Parker Street

Parker, FL 32404


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The men from the Highway Department who repaired my street were hardworking and very professional. Thank you to you and the team!

~ Herbert Foltz, City of Parker



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