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February 25, 2019


Hurricane Michael Debris Cleanup Update


The City has begun to wind down our hurricane debris pickup.  As before, if a contractor is doing the work, the contractor is responsible for removing the debris.  For debris not generated by a contractor, Sunday, March 10 will be the last day to place hurricane-related construction debris on the right-of-way.  The start of the “last pass” for this type of debris will be March 11.  When this last pass begins, the haulers will clear your debris and check off your address.  You will be responsible for any construction debris after that point.  Please make a single pile of debris and keep it all on your property’s right-of-way.  If you put it anywhere else, you will be responsible to remove it.


The City will continue to remove vegetative debris.  If you have a substantial amount of vegetative debris to bring to the road, call 871-4283 and schedule it so it can be picked up as it comes out.  We will let you know with another letter when vegetative debris hauling will cease.  We will then go back to our standard trash pickup schedules. 


Again, it is critical that your debris be placed on the right-of-way no later than March 10 so the haulers can come pick it up.  Please don’t delay as debris hauling and disposal is very expensive!


If you have any questions, please contact our Public Works department at 871-4283.


         Rich Musgrave, Mayor


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